4 February 2017 – visit to Whitechapel





Onward travel details

10.15 (or so)

Arrive Euston


Take Northern line (Bank branch) to Bank, then walk (0.4 miles) along Leadenhall Street or number 25 Bus from stop D to St Katharine Cree. Bus runs every 5 – 9 minutes.

11.00 – 11.30

St Katharine Cree (6, 9-3-18)

To be confirmed.

Lester & Pack 1754 (Tenor Thomas II Mears 1842)

Walk (0.7 miles) along Aldgate / Whitechapel High Street, turn left into Osborne Street / Brick Lane, turn right into Heneage Street or number 25 Bus from St Katharine Cree stop X to Adler Street, then walk from Osborne Street.

11.45 – 12.30

Lunch – The Pride of Spitalfields, Heneage Street

Good beer and clean loos, but no food at weekends. Bring sandwiches and they will probably be happy for us to eat inside

Walk (0.4 miles) via Brick Lane / Osborne Street and left into Whitechapel High Street / Whitechapel Road. Marginally shorter routes also exist

12.45 – 3.00

Whitechapel Bell Foundry tour

Tour starts 1.15 pm and lasts about 90 minutes: doors open at 12.45, time after rounded up to allow a little time to get moving

Walk (5 min) to London Metropolitan University stop P: number 15 Bus to Poplar / All Saints Church (24 min). Bus runs every 7 – 8 minutes

3.30 – 4.15

All Saints, Poplar (10, 23-3-6)

Thomas II Mears, 1822

Walk (6 min) to All Saints DLR station. DLR to Bow Church (trains every 5 minutes). Walk (4 min) to Bow Church.

4.30 – 5.00

St Mary, Bow in the Road (8, 13-3-23)

Mears & Stainbank, 1952

Quick: Walk to Bow Church DLR: DLR to Stratford (train every 5 minutes): Central Line to Bank then Northern Line to Euston OR Central Line to Oxford Circus then Victoria Line to Euston (33 minutes)


Easy: Bus number 205 from Bow Church (Stop B) to Euston Station (52 minutes). Bus runs every 7 – 10 minutes


You can no longer pay by cash on London buses, so you will need to have some way to pay for travel around London: I think the best bet is to use a contactless credit or debit card: the maximum charge for a day’s use is £6.60 (zones 1-2, which is where we are going) – or if you have an Oyster card you can use that.


My phone number: Giles Blundell 07903 000734

Printable programme here.

Giles Blundell,
15 Jan 2017, 07:15