Why are the bells ringing in Liverpool?

The feed above may give details of ringing in Liverpool city centre as reported on Twitter. #livcathbells = Liverpool cathedral: #phbells = Pier Head: #sfxbells = SFX: #livmunibells = Municipal Buildings. Please read on for details of regular ringing which may not be tweeted.

If you are in Liverpool city centre, then there are four places where you might hear traditional change ringing -
- the Anglican cathedral
- Liverpool Parish Church (St Nick's at the Pier Head)
- St Francis Xavier (SFX) in Everton
- the Municipal Buildings

You might also hear the sound of bells from
- the Metropolitan Cathedral
- the Blessed Sacrament Shrine

The Anglican cathedral bells are the world's largest bells hung for change ringing with a tenor (heaviest) bell weighing over 82 cwt (4171kg). Generally in each month they are rung for practice on a Saturday evening, and for morning service on one Sunday and afternoon service on another Sunday. There is also ringing for special events from time to time. Open ringing events are shown on the Merseybells calendar.

Like the cathedral, St Nick's has a ring of 12 bells, with a tenor of almost 42 cwt (2128kg) - the 14th heaviest ring of change ringing bells in the world. There is practice ringing on a Friday evening (7.30 - 9.00 pm) and service ringing every Sunday morning (8.40 - 9.25 am), as well as ringing for weddings and other special events.

SFX has a ring of eight bells (tenor 16-1-6 (828kg)) that are rung by the Liverpool Universities Society of Change Ringers, with practice and service ringing during the university term.

On very special occasions, a peal may be rung at the above towers. This may take up to 3 hours of continuous ringing at SFX, maybe three and a half hours at St Nick's, and four and a half hours at the cathedral.

The Municipal Buildings have a clock chime which sounds the Cambridge Chimes. The 'quarter bells' (the ones that play the tune, but not the one used to strike the hour) are hung for ringing and are rung only on special occasions - although they chime the time every day.

The Metropolitan Cathedral has four bells - the largest weighing more than 91 cwt (4620 kg). These are not rung in the English style but are swung by electric motors.

You may also hear the sound of bells from the Blessed Sacrament Shrine before service. This is a recording of rounds (a repeated descending scale from the highest note to the lowest) being rung on six bells.